Before Atomic, there was no best in scuba!

This is a bold statement, one that we embrace at Red Alert Diving. The reason that we have chosen to carry the Huish line (Atomic Aquatics, BARE Wetsuits, Stahlsac and Zeagle) is that they offer the quality of product that we want to carry, and the level of customer service that we strive to deliver to every single person who reaches out to us.

The guys who started Atomic saw an opportunity and a need to do things better, and this is exactly what caused us to open Red Alert Diving here in Panama City Beach. We saw a need in the diving community for a dive center that they could call home. There was a need for a location that parents could bring their children that was family friendly where they could learn to dive. There was a need for a dive center that focused on training the next generation of diving professionals, that could teach the people who are passionate about the sport to make a living, to build their lives on diving. There was a need for a place that worked with the community to carry the banner for Panama City Beach, to tell others what a wonderful place this is to visit. There was a need for passionate people, for dreamers, for dive professionals who wanted more than the status quo.

With Red Alert Diving, the best is our starting point, we will strive to always be “Only the Best” in Training, Travel, Adventure and Equipment!