Full Face Mask Training with RAD

Red Alert Diving now offers OCEANREEF Full Face Mask training and Masks

Oceanreef has created the first and only truly Integrated Dive Mask! The mask and regulator are designed to function together giving you a seamless experience when breathing underwater.

The staff at Red Alert Diving trained directly with professionals from Oceanreef to be able to offer you the most comprehensive education available, to make sure that you are comfortable and confident with your new full face mask.

In the course, you will learn:

  • Full Face Mask types
  • Similarities and differences
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • How to prepare your mask
  • Skills related to diving Full Face Masks

If you are interested in underwater communication, Red Alert Diving also offers Underwater Comms, and training on their use.

If you purchase your integrated dive mask or your u/w comm unit from Red Alert Diving, you could be eligible to receive training at no cost, ask your salesperson for details.