Learn to Dive

Learning to dive with Red Alert Diving

At RAD, our team has over fifty years’ experience training people to dive. We are professionals. Everyone here has chosen this lifestyle as a career. As RAD Instructors, we pride ourselves on using the most current techniques, methods, materials and technologies available in the world of diving.

Red Alert Diving also recognizes the importance of our heritage. Choosing RAD for your training, a portion of your course costs will go toward the Museum of Man in the Sea. Located west of the shop on Hwy 98,  this facility has information about man’s journey underwater covering recreational, salvage and military applications. Every RAD student receives a ticket for free admission to the museum in their student materials.

Environmental Impact

RAD divers contribute to the environment. We are a 100% AWARE facility. By choosing RAD, you will support a nonprofit that is dedicated to protecting the environment. Project AWARE provides materials and training for trash clean ups, protecting sharks and other marine animals. For every PADI certification card issued at RAD, $10 goes to support these efforts. RAD conducts frequent beach and dive site clean-up programs locally in Panama City Beach that you are always invited to participate in. We also support REEF.org in their efforts to conduct citizen science with fish counts, fish ID classes and invasive lionfish eradication programs.

When you choose Red Alert Diving as your local dive shop, you become part of a family of passionate, enthusiastic divers who strive to be the best in the industry, live where we love, love what we do, respect our past, and protect our future.

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