Learn to Save a Life

Red Alert Diving Offers Life Saving First Aid Courses by Divers Alert Network

Learn to Save a Life with Red Alert Diving

DAN CPR and First Aid Courses

Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a staple in the diving community due to the services that they offer to divers worldwide. Membership gains access to a host of benefits that include Emergency Evacuation Support, Prepared Diver Programs, Reports, Videos, Access to Dive Accident Insurance and the ever popular Alert Diver Magazine.

DAN provides a 24 hour Medical Emergency Hotline 1 (919) 684-9111 and a dedicated email address for medical questions ([email protected]) for all divers, not just members. They also conduct diving related research, making changes to the way that we train on a regular basis.

DAN has also created a series of First Aid programs that are tailored to the aquatic environment. At Red Alert Diving, you can learn to save a life because we offer all of them.

  • Basic Life Support, CPR and 1st Aid
  • CPR for the Health Care Provider
  • Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries
  • First Aid for Marine Life Injuries
  • Neurological Assessment

These course can also be combined and taken as the Dive Emergency Management Program or Diving First Aid for the Professional Diver.

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If you are a Divemaster or above, we also offer the DAN Instructor Program, teaching you to teach these courses.

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