Miss Jackie Joins the RAD Team!

An account of the trip home

by James Weber

6am Larry Newton’s House, Slidell LA – Loading up, all I can think is “I can’t believe we are here!” After close to two years, waiting and anticipating, knowing this day would come. I’m in LA getting ready for a 12 hour boat trip to bring the best looking dive boat I’ve ever seen back to Panama City Beach… COOLEST experience ever!!!

7am Last Railroad Bridge Crossing – Last time we had to slow down for anything, boats up and running now, these twin diesels are throttled up to 1800 rpms. This is the smoothest boat ride I’ve ever been on. I can’t believe I’m here!

7:02 Facebook Live Video – Quick little tease of the boat for a planned video at lunch… little did I know that a lack of cell service would cancel that plan. *Sorry guys! Soon, I promise!!

10am Out of the Bayou – The wake goes from brownish soup to the light green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, engines are just as smooth!

12pm Passing by oil platforms – Been in the gulf for a few hours now, passed by oil platforms, a few fishing boats and some barges, we are somewhere around Mobile Bay.  These electronics are so cool, getting the gps loaded with the coordinates of our dive sites.

3:30 Somewhere around Destin – The gps says 1:30 to the pass, This is starfting to feel real! We are tracking back closer to shore, and the landmarks are starting to look familiar. Every once in a while, we bring the throttles up to 100% for a few minutes, and we are getting Miss Jackie up to 25 knots.

5pm The Pass, St Andrews – Huge pod of dolphin playin in the wake as we come home, I can see some friends and family on the stairs, excited to watch us come in for the first time, We are waving!!! They are Waving!!! We look like lunatics, I can’t wait to see the video.

5:35 In the slip – Home is Sun Harbor Marina, Cap’t Rosanne, backed her in just as nice as can be, get her cleaned up and squared away… ready to run tomorrow!

This was the culmination of years of work to bring the best diving experience to the Panhandle, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!!!