PADI E-Learning

E Learning Programs Offered by Red Alert Diving

Red Alert Diving offers distance learning for many of our programs. If you are interested in taking a class while we all have some down time, you can simply click a link below and sign up to take your next step in diving.

Why PADI E Learning

E Learning allows you to complete the academic portion of your dive training in the comfort of your own home. When you join us at Red Alert Diving, we can spend our time focused on the skills and techniques to make you a great diver. This does not mean that we will not spend time teaching you why we do what we do in the water, but we can be much more effective in delivering the information that you truly need.

The more you can accomplish before you get to the dive center, the quicker you get to the fun part of the class and splash into our beautiful heated pool with one of our amazing instructors. By the time you finish, you will be a comfortable, competent and confident scuba diver.

Open Water

This is the beginning of your scuba career. Sign up now to start your experience in the underwater world!

Reactivate/Refresher Course

Has it been a while since you have been diving? This course will help you brush up on your knowledge and skills before getting back in the water.

Advanced Open Water

Step up your game, become a more accomplished, comfortable diver with the Advanced Open Water course

Enriched Air Diver

Extend your time underwater with the Enriched Air Diver course.

Digital Underwater Photographer

Learn how the pros do it, take magnificent photos underwater whether you use a DSLR or just a point and shoot.


Learn what the professionals are watching for when you are on the boat. Learn several self and buddy rescue skills, and make yourself one of the most comfortable divers in any setting.


Become a dive professional.

Dive Theory

Dive into physics, physiology, equipment, skills, and the environment and master that pesky dive planner with this all online program.