Personal Equipment

personal equipment

Personal Equipment

What is it, and why do I need it?

At Red Alert Diving, we provide the best rental equipment available to our student divers, but we do not provide all of the equipment needed for diving. As a diver, there are certain pieces of dive gear that you will benefit from owning. We call this equipment “personal” because of fit and use. 

We do sell personal equipment, and encourage everyone to come in and spend some time with our staff for a custom fit consultation.

What we do not provide our students with their rental package and why:


  • needs a personalized fit
  • Covers nose and eyes (bacteria and virus transmission)


  • Goes in mouth (bacteria and virus transmission)


  • Different styles of fins offer different kicking styles and should be personalized


  • Go on feet (bacteria)


  • Not needed by all divers

It could be argued that Wetsuits should also fall into this category, but that is another post.

Equipment ownership is rewarding in many ways. First, it creates an investment in your diving activities. This incentives divers to dive more. Second, owning your personal gear means that you know how well it has been cleaned, and how hard it was used on the last dive. This creates a sense of confidence in your equipment.