Red Alert Diving is 100% AWARE


At RAD, we have made a commitment to the environment by pledging to be 100% AWARE which means that a portion of the proceeds from every student going to  Project AWARE, a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers.

We connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation to create lasting change.

For over 25 years, Project AWARE has worked with PADI, Divers and Dive Professionals to have valuable impacts on the environment. Our ocean is under siege. More than 250 million tons of plastic are estimated to make its way into our ocean by 2025. Everyday trash is entering the sea at an alarming rate. Learn how our community of divers fights back against the onslaught of trash.

Working with Project Aware, we envision a world where the ocean doesn’t need protecting. Our local actions collectively protect the most vulnerable marine species and decrease pollution. We work together for a clean, healthy ocean – and we have fun doing it!

Locally, we will be conducting Dive Against Debris dives on our local dive sites from both our boat, and from shore.

Project AWARE Priorities

To advance programs that:

  1. Address the greatest threats facing the ocean. Those threats must be grounded in sound science and
  2. Fulfill the interests and needs of our community with both fins on and fins off.
Current Focus Areas

Project AWARE develops actions under our Clean Ocean and Healthy Ocean programs each year. In 2018, we will be supporting our community and advancing policies on Plastic Debris and Sharks & Rays.