training while social distancing

Training Continues at Red Alert Diving

If you are “social distancing” over the next few weeks, daydreaming about the water, Red Alert Diving can help you out!

There are several PADI Programs that you can work with you on from the comfort of your own home. Now, this won’t be as easy as sitting in the classroom and listening to our instructors lecture, but with modern technology, we can easily video chat and get you through your course work.

Obviously,  you cannot go diving via phone, so some of the classes will have to be completed when you are able to come in and see us, but others can be completed entirely online!!!

Our Project AWARE course is perfectly suited to live webinar, and the materials are downloaded from the Project AWARE site


A little about Project AWARE:

“Project AWARE develops actions under our Clean Ocean and Healthy Ocean programs each year. In 2019, we will be supporting our community and advancing policies on Plastic Debris and Sharks & Rays.”

Equipment Specialty

The Equipment Specialist Course has a self paced elearning component and then one of our instructors can join you through video chat to go over how your equipment works, proper maintenance techniques and how to conduct some minor repairs that could keep you from having to call your dives.

Enriched Air Specialty

If you own your own analyzer, the Enriched Air Diver course can be completed online also. If not, we can still get through everything except the practical application, which you can do the next time you are in the shop in about ten minutes.

Talking about diving is one of our favorite things to do, and all of our courses have an academic component that we can complete via video chat right now, and then when all of this is done, we can all get together and go diving. 

If anyone is interested in giving this type of learning a trial run with us, call or message the shop and lets discuss logistics!