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Learn to Swim With the team at Red Alert Diving


Red Alert Diving is now offering PADI Swim School by Starfish Aquatics

We love living in Panama City Beach! We have miles of beautiful coastline, warm weather and water that is perfect for swimming!

At Red Alert Diving, we believe that everyone deserves to have the safest and most enjoyable swimming experience possible. Whether swimming in the gulf or in a pool in your own back yard, our swim lessons will guide you toward being a stronger, safer, more confident swimmer.

Swim Programs

Learn to Swim with Red Alert DivingWe offer the following programs that introduce age appropriate basics of swimming and aquatic safety concepts:

Star Babies (6mo-18mo) - Parent and baby work together in this bi-weekly program to safely learn to swim and make swimming fun

Star Tots (18mo-36mo) - Working as a team in this bi-weekly program, Parent and Toddler build a foundation for safer swimming practices

Preschool (3yr-5yr) - Working with a coach in this bi-weekly program, your little one starts to embrace their freedom in the water

Youth (6yr-12yr) - Building on the foundation created, your child can grow as a swimmer and become independent in the water in this bi-weekly program

*The above programs are designed in five performance based stages. Each stage has a different focus.

  1. White - Trust and Submersion
  2. Red - Body Position and Recovery
  3. Yellow - Forward Movement and Direction Change
  4. Blue - Rotary Movement
  5. Green - Integrated Movement


Adult (12yr +) - In this bi-weekly program, you will begin to really hone your style in the water, improve your swimming ability and grow your skills

 Stroke School - For those interested in honing and improving their swimming technique and style.

Swim Prep for Scuba - Ideal for introducing the swimming concepts to create great scuba divers

Private Swim Lessons - Tailored to individual needs to boost your swimming to the next level

Non Swimming Safety Programs

Learn to Save Lives

These 1st aid programs are great resources for parents and engaging courses for children who can complete the performance requirements, and introduce life saving skills that are tailored to the aquatic environment

DAN Basic Life Support, CPR and 1st Aid

This course prepares you to provide care for life-threatening illnesses or injuries.  In this course, you will learn Scene Assessment, CPR,  automatic external defibrillators, bleeding  management, Splinting,  assisting a choking victim and responding to a person in shock.

This course is also approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and meets the CPR and first aid requirements for captain and mate licenses.


DAN Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

Hazardous marine life injuries can happen. Learn how to assess and handle these situations if they occur. You will learn to identify specific types of marine life injuries and the first aid skills to treat them.


Lessons are held daily in one hour blocks from Monday through Thursday.

Limited Availability so sign up fast!!!

Private Lessons are scheduled based on need and availability.


Why you will love learning to swim at Red Alert Diving

Since 2017, Red Alert Diving has worked very hard to improve the way people learn to scuba dive. Now, we are looking to raise the bar for learning to swim also. We are very excited to open our pool to the community and teach people to be safer in and around the water.

Friendly and Professional Staff, the team at Red Alert Diving is like a family, we take a genuine interest in the success of our students.

Swim Lessons are offered year-round, with our pool heated to 86 degrees, our hot showers and enclosed dressing rooms, we can play in the water all year long.

Small class sizes, with a maximum 6 student : 1 instructor ratio, our swim students receive individual attention and guidance to improve their swimming skills.

Experience - Our staff has a combined 50+ years of working in the aquatics industry.

 Red Alert Diving offers Swim Lessons that are appropriate for children and adults of all ages and skill levels.

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Complete this form if you have any questions, or to schedule swim lessons. A team member will be in touch shortly.

Swim Lessons

Learning to Swim is Invaluable!


Biweekly swim programs (Monday through Thursday)  $210

Swim Prep for Scuba Classes are $60 per session

Private Lessons are booked for $75 per session

*ask us about family discounts