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Learn Yoga

Go Downward Diver with us!

We are super excited for you to learn Yoga at our dive center, and believe that the power of breath and movement increases your quality of life. The data is in that yoga can improve your dive experience through breath and movement underwater.

Yoga is an ancient practice that uses gentle physical postures (Asanas), breathing practices (Pranayama), relaxation techniques, and meditation to promote a healthy body, encourage a calm and composed mind, and create a foundation for heightened awareness and a peaceful state of being.

Learn more about Yoga and Scuba at this article by PADI.

The team at RAD are here to support your entire Diving experience.

If your are nervous about diving, but really want to experience a whole new world. Let us ease you into our scuba class. For the last 3 years, Kelly has been teaching trauma informed yoga classes and will work side by side with you and your instructor to provide you with the break through you need to become calm and comfortable while scuba diving. This is your opportunity to level up your life and experience the wonderful world underwater.

Easy Flow Yoga - 60 min Class

This vinyasa style class is a beginner level.

The slow pace of the class allows you to learn asanas with correct alignment and breath work. This class will marry the breath to the pose. It's an easy slow flow of asanas, and you can focus on creating a mindful experience for your body. This mental and physical focus is a great way to start your day.

Yoga Pump- 60 min Class

A deep dive into a complete full body workout.

Set to high energy music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group, this class compliments your regular yoga practice while boosting your metabolism and pushing your strength and flexibility to the next level. We finish off with a cool down and meditation.

Accept this challenge and let's push each other to a new level that will work for you in and out of the class room.

Course Cost

Single Class Prices

Public classes held in-studio, Mat provided

Drop in                                    $25

Class Packages

Package expires 1 year after purchase date, Mat provided

5 Class Pass                            $110

10 Class Pass                          $175

20 Class Pass                         $325


Unlimited Membership, $150 Per Month, Auto-renewed Monthly

Come to as many classes as you want, we love your presence here

Cancel Anytime

First 10 people to sign up will get a special price of $100 per month for the first year!

Private Lessons

Contact us for pricing.

Contact us to Learn more about Yoga at Red Alert Diving