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Safe Buddy

Learn essential safety and problem management skills for apnea training!

The PFI Safe Buddy program is designed to educate uncertified Freedivers, and aquatic minded persons, in the Safety and rescue techniques necessary for Breath-holding. This program will help to increase safety awareness during recreational breath-holding/freediving activities. This course does not include any instruction on increasing Freediving performances or improving personal freediving technique.

This course teaches:

  • Safety and Problem Management for Apnea Training
  • Near Blackout and Blackout Management


  • Respond to LMC
  • Respond to BO at surface
  • Assisting ascending diver
  • Respond to BO underwater
  • Practice Static Apnea- buddy safety and problem management
  • Dynamic Apnea- Optional- Buddy safety and problem management
  • Constant Ballast- Understand basic elements of problem management and safety

There are no prerequisites for the PFI Safe Buddy program except good health (please take a look at the PFI medical form for any contradictions).

What to Bring

  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Timing device or Dive Computer
  • Full Wetsuit—suggested, but not required
  • Weight-Belt—suggested, but not required