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Dive Club Schedule

RAD Dive Club Programs

In 2019, Red Alert Diving is hosting several events with the goal of giving divers in the Panhandle of Florida more opportunities to actually dive!

We will conduct at least one beach clean up per month , and could use everyone’s help here. To encourage you all to participate, we will provide air for these dives at no charge. We are also planning to have gear demos and skills workshops periodically in our pool. Anyone who feels the need for a refresher or who just wants a bit of practice is welcome to come play.

By joining our club, you will receive monthly emails with more information about each of the events, schedules of our classes, which you are welcome to come dive with and other happenings in diving in Panama City Beach.

Below is a schedule of our planned events, all diving is weather dependent and subject to change without much warning, so call the shop and confirm your spot prior to the day of the dives.