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Atomic M1 1st and 2nd Stage



Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulator

The Atomic M1 is geared towards those divers who like to mix up their breathing gasses and maybe push the limits a little bit. It is enriched air compatible up to 80% oxygen due to the combination of internal parts made from Monel, a metal widely known for its corrosion resistance, very high strength and most importantly very low friction rate making it extremely oxygen compatible. This gives it the same extreme high quality in construction being combined with state of the art, cutting edge materials still at a quite reasonable price compared to other choices in the category. The addition of a swivel cap on the first stage for the low pressure ports offers the diver high performance, cutting edge technology and unmatched comfort in the various potential configuration possibilities.
Internally this first stage delivers consistent air to the diver with a balanced flow-through piston that will offer the same intermediate pressure with each breath at the deepest depths or lowest tank pressures of your dive. The high pressure piston uses a seal system that is self lubricating that is designed to minimize the friction in this critical part and reduce wear and tear and in turn maintenance costs for the regulators owner.

And as if all of this technology and innovation in the Atomic 1st Stages wasn’t enough, their 2nd Stages are packed with one feature after the next all geared towards ease of breathing, longevity of the piece of equipment and low maintenance. The M1 uses an adjustable, pneumatically balanced poppet incorporated into a portion of the regulator that many manufacturers are looking for ways to cut corners and reduce costs in materials. Here, Atomic leads the way by using Titanium, Zirconium, Stainless Steel and Kevlar in all the key common metal parts. For most manufacturers that would the highlights to every single advertisement and mention of this product, but not with Atomic. They pressed on with redesigning two other important pieces in the 2nd stage that turned out to be so successful they were awarded patents for their efforts! The Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice was designed to reduce wear and tear on the low pressure seat and in turn increase the high performance of the second stage for the diver by making sure the orifice only comes into contact with the low pressure seat when the regulator is pressurized. The other innovation is their Automatic Flow Control. Most every manufacturer of regulators offer some sort of a venturi switch in their second stages designed to reduce breathing resistance and help with the opening of the valve that delivers air to the diver when they inhale. At Atomic they’ve perfected this into a pressure sensing, self-adjusting device that regulates the delivery of the diver’s air with every breath adjusting for increased pressure the deeper the diver descends. No more switches or dials to get that perfect breath of air!

With all of this innovation and technology packed into the M1, it is no wonder that this regulator is seen as a “must have” by many technical divers around the world and probably will for years to come.

Why Monel?

The M1 employs state-of-the-art metals specifically chosen for extreme diving situations. Monel parts are used internally in the first stage for high strength, corrosion-resistance and oxygen compatibility. 316 Stainless Steel, multi-layer Zirconium coated Brass, and Titanium are used throughout the second stage. The M1 valve body is Zirconium/Nickel over Brass and the seat saving orifice is Stainless Steel.

  • Designed For Challenging Conditions
  • Engineered by Atomic for specialty diving – rec or tec
  • The M1 has an expanded performance range to meet almost any diving condition imaginable, whether Recreational or Technical.
  • Accomplished specialty divers will appreciate this regulator designed to fulfill virtually any need or diving scenario. The M1 is built on the same platform as the world acclaimed T2 and B2 regulators.

First Stage:

  • Factory ready for Nitrox to 50% or oxygen mixes to 80% when special guidelines are followed
  • First stage materials are chrome plated Brass for the body and Monel for key internal components
  • Atomic Jet Seat high-flow piston first stage
  • Freeze protected factory-sealed first stage also prevents contamination such as silt and sand
  • First stage ports: 2 HP fixed / 5 LP on swivel cap

Second Stage:

  • Designed for cold water diving featuring thermal heat sink and improved super-dry exhaust valve
  • Second stage components are made of precision machined Brass with Zirconium plating and Titanium
  • Patented Atomic Seat Saving Orifice
  • Patented Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC)
  • A new high-flow second stage case lowers breathing effort at any depth from shallow water to beyond the limits
  • Rapid adjustment knob for manual second stage de-tuning in special situations
  • Surge protected second stage front cover for high current scenarios
  • Super-wide exhaust deflector to disperse bubbles for enhanced visibility
  • Dual silicone comfort fit mouthpiece with tear-resistant bite tabs
  • 2 year/300 dive service interval
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – not contingent on proof of service




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