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Atomic BladeFins


Power and Speed are the hallmark of the Atomic BladeFin.

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Atomic Aquatics gives you choices to meet your dive needs and personal swimming style.

BladeFins are designed to deliver…

  • Power and thrust that only a paddle fin design can provide divers to cruise through the water.
  • Unique structural engineering combines both Power-Loop Monocoque and Frame Rail designs to maximize kicking power.
  • Vertical stabilizers on fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down with every kick.

BladeFin Design

By uniquely combining two structural frame designs used in aircraft and Indy race cars, Atomic BladeFins are engineered for power and thrust.

  • Power-Loop Monocoque Structure
  • The engineering term Monocoque means “single shell” utilizing the external skin to support most of the load area while power is applied through the frame rails.
  • Foot Pocket Power Plate
  • The Power-Loop Monocoque structure is connected to the sole plate (Power Plate) giving divers a solid feeling like the fin is “bolted” to the foot.
  • Power Rail
  • The frame rail design on each side of the fin mimics a backbone or spine connecting to the Monocoque.
  • Vertical Stabilizers
  • Oversized stabilizers at fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down.

Warranty & Care

Atomic Aquatics BladeFins are warranted against defects for a period of one year. Keep out of direct sunlight when possible to avoid color fading. Store your fins with the foot pocket inserts in place and in a manner that prevents deforming.



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