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Instructor Course Equipment Pack




Introducing the Red Alert Diving Instructor Course Equipment Pack – Your Essential Toolkit for Underwater Instruction!

🌊 Dive into Excellence with Our Comprehensive Set 🌊

Are you a passionate diving instructor committed to providing top-notch training experiences? This bundle includes everything you need to ensure your students receive the highest quality instruction.

🚀 What’s Inside the Package? 🚀

Lift Bag: Our lift bag is a must-have for conducting safe and controlled ascents and descents during search and recovery training sessions. Durable, reliable, and easy to use, it’s the perfect tool to instill confidence in your students.

DSMB (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy): Enhance visibility and communication with our high-visibility DSMB. An essential tool for signaling ascent, safety stops, or marking specific points during dives. Equip your students with the skills to navigate and communicate effectively.

Finger Spool: Compact and versatile, our finger spool is designed for ease of use in various underwater scenarios. Perfect for deploying lines, marking routes, or executing search patterns. Equip your students with this essential tool for improved navigation and control.

Underwater Slate and Pencil: Communication is key, even beneath the waves. Our underwater slate and pencil set allows for clear and concise communication between you and your students. Foster effective learning and feedback in real-time during dives.

Whistle: Safety first! The included whistle ensures that you can quickly and efficiently communicate with your students. Use it to get attention, convey signals, or alert others to potential issues. A vital tool for maintaining a secure diving environment.

Rope: Versatile and robust, our rope is a valuable addition to your toolkit. Teach your students to tie key knots in Advanced Open Water and the Search and Recovery course.

🌐 Why Choose Our Instructor Equipment Package? 🌐

✅ Comprehensive: All-in-one solution for your instructional needs.
✅ Quality: Durable materials built to withstand the rigors of underwater training.
✅ Confidence: Equip your students with the tools they need to become skilled and confident divers.
✅ Safety: Prioritize safety with reliable equipment designed for instructional excellence.


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