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Fluyd Ladies 1.5 mm Wetsuit

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The new project from Salvimar can now be officially unveiled. The company that we all know for the production of high quality spearfishing gear has presented its new line of equipment designed specifically for freediving, swimming and triathlon. For a long time this idea has been waiting to become real and now you can finally appreciate the results. All of these items are functional for the sports mentioned above and were tested by elite athletes such as Alessia Zecchini and Davide Carrera who have achieved outstanding performances in their respective fields. It is in fact appropriate to point out that they won two world records whilst using these products.

Moreover, designers have been particularly accurate in producing very fascinating and good looking items. Their aesthetics is in fact energetic and captivating. The Salvimar Fluyd Be-One is a 1.5mm, two piece competition wetsuit with absolute perfection. The great performance in deep apnea is the result of the accurate study of materials and the cooperation of high level athletes. This makes the Salvimar Fluyd Be-One wetsuit unique and perfect for those who need high comfort and great technical performance with good elasticity and excellent comfort. It favours the motion in water.


  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Design: Two piece
  • Preformed cut for maximum comfort and no excess
  • Stylish and fashionable design adds to the desirability with special neoprene which is highly elastic to favour breath and motion in swimming
  • Outside surface in over elastic HP Super Coated with special high flowing non-scratch material which is easy to wear
  • Full Duraprene construction with high density neoprene for high thermal insulation, strength and compactness
  • Specifically designed to adapt to the body changes resulting from the water pressure variations
  • Inside stretch lining in JY Aqua Stretch making the suit highly elastic, comfortable and easy to wear
  • SSRS System gradual compression end parts for best comfort and seal
  • HT Weld System joints for thermic maximisation and no water seepage
  • Tested in depth records
  • Strongly recommended for all competitive freedivers when you need wide freedom of motion
  • Available in 4 sizes:  Small / Medium / Large / X-Large

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


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